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Frequently asked questions

How fast do I get my videos back on the Submit Plan?

The Submit plan offers a quick and efficient way to get daily social media videos for your business. With this plan, you’ll receive one video per business day, either in the form of a video clip or a video quote with a moving background. All you need to do is submit your content by 5pm PST, and you’ll get your video back by 8am PST the next business day, in 2 aspect ratios. This means you’ll have fresh, engaging content ready to post every day! You’ll always receive that video in 2 aspect ratios (square and vertical).It’s important to note that even if you submit multiple videos at once (also known as batch submitting), the Submit plan still provides one video per business day (in 2 sizes) unless you scale it. This ensures that you have a consistent stream of content for your social media channels, without overwhelming your audience or burning out your team.

Do you do captions?

Absolutely! We put captions on all square and vertical videos. We’ll even make them animate on your video, and have color pops (if you so choose). Hubspot found that over 80% of people scroll on social media on silent – which makes captions even more important on your videos. This way, they understand the message even if it’s on silent!

How long can my videos be?

We can repurpose content of ANY length (whether that’s video, audio, or text!), but what we send back to you is up to 59 seconds of a social media clip. That means when you submit longform content to us and choose the timestamp you want us to cut (unless you’re on our Curate plan where we do this part for you), it is up to 59 seconds max. We can also take up to 70 words of text (ie. blog post snippet, white paper, stats, written testimonials) and create text-motion videos as well. The reason we are limited to 59 seconds is because so many social media platforms – like TikTok and YouTube Shorts – max at 1 minute in length. Imagine how many 59-second knowledge bombs a 45-minute speaking engagement or webinar has! We can take that one piece of content and turn it into a ton of individual, short, effective videos for social media.

What social media platforms do you schedule the videos to on your Post Plan?

On the Post plan, we post videos on your behalf and manage the insights and analytics on every social media platform including Facebook, Youtube and Shorts, Instagram and Reels, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

What does the social copy consists of your Post Plan?

With the Post Plan, you will receive custom caption copy and hashtag research per video post. This is valuable as we are able to research your industry, competitors, and video topics to ensure you’re reaching your target audience and captioning your videos with calls to action to build engagement.

If I don't submit content, can you make up for it later?

No, we are unable to make up any content you do not submit. That’s because Repurpose House is a retainer service! This means if you don’t submit content for us to repurpose, we are unable to repurpose your content. You are also paired with one dedicated Graphic Designer on our team, meaning they have a certain number of hours to work on one client each day.A great way to avoid this is to batch submit. This means you can submit as many requests to us at once as you like, and we will drip them out!

How much do you edit my videos?

While we take pieces of your existing content and trim them down, we are not a full service post-production / video editing service. We will do up to 4 “cuts” on each repurposed asset, but beyond 4 cuts would be out of scope for our service offering.If you need full-scale video editing services, that is outside of our scope!

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