7 Effective Ways to Increase your Instagram Stories Views

Anna Oneal
March 28, 2023
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In July of 2021, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri claimed, “We are no longer a photo sharing app” and noted that Instagram would shift its focus to video.

Sharing video content on Instagram, particularly through IG Stories, is an efficient way to improve your brand’s engagement on the social media platform.

Here are seven effective ways for your to increase your views on Instagram Stories:

1. Vary your content of your Stories

You won’t gain many views if your content is boring. If all of your Instagram Stories are in the same style or about the same topic, your audience will quickly grow disinterested.

Create a posting schedule where you can plan out different types of video content to share so that your IG Stories are always fresh and exciting.

Did you post a how-to video yesterday? Try sharing behind-the-scenes content today.

How about sharing an employee spotlight earlier this week? Try posting user-generated video content today instead of a different spotlight video.

There are many different types of videos you can make for your Instagram Stories. Avoid falling into a predictable pattern and switch up your content every day.

2. Use stickers

While the stickers you can use on your Instagram Stories are not quite the same as the ones you earned when you got a good grade on your math test as a kid, it turns out that they are just as engaging for your Instagram followers.

Instagram stickers include question boxes, polls, emoji sliders, and other interactive tools that encourage your audience to actively engage with your Instagram Stories.

Instead of a clothing company simply posting a video with someone modeling one of their sweaters in navy and another person modeling the same sweater in maroon, they can add a sticker with a poll about which color is best to improve engagement and views.

When your audience knows they can interact with your content, they will be more likely to watch your Instagram Stories.

3. Offer perks

Discount codes, contests, and giveaways are major draws and will help your views on IG Stories skyrocket.

Instead of just emailing out a discount code for 10% off or free shipping, tell your followers that you have an exclusive discount code in your Instagram Stories. Interested followers will flock to your stories for the code, clicking through and watching the other content that you have posted as well.

4. Go live on Instagram

Live streaming content is not just the future, it is also the present. If you are not incorporating live video content into your Instagram Stories, you are behind the curve.

Going live regularly will improve your IG Stories views because no two live streaming sessions are the same. With the promise of new, unique content, your audience will be more likely to visit your Instagram Stories to see what your brand has to say.

5. Add highlights

Instagram offers a “Highlights” section on your profile for you to save your most important or highest performing Instagram Stories.

Do you have content that addresses frequently asked questions? Do you have content that performed well on Instagram?

Post these IG Stories in your Highlights so that new followers can find these videos quickly and you can gain more views and engagement with this content.

6. Use hashtags

Hashtags are not a tool of the past. When used effectively, they can make a huge difference when it comes to your views on Instagram Stories.

Hashtags increase engagement and can help you gain more views on Instagram Stories. In fact, Instagram posts with hashtags can have 12.6% more engagement than posts that don’t use hashtags.

Do keyword and hashtag research and keep an eye on the hashtags your competitors are using to find the most relevant and effective hashtags to use on your Instagram Stories.

7. Repurpose pre-recorded content

There’s no point in re-inventing the wheel. If you have great video content that has been performing well, repurpose it into video content that you can share on your IG stories.

Maybe you have a TikTok that has gained a lot of traction, a segment of a webinar that many of your followers have commented on, or a how-to video on YouTube that has a lot of views.

Take this existing content and turn it into video content that you can use on Instagram Stories and you will see similar results on this platform.

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