5 Types of Social Media Content to Create for Your Business

Anna Oneal
March 28, 2023
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Struggling to come up with social media content? Feel like your social media marketing strategy has hit a plateau? Looking for ways to help your brand grow using social media? We’ve got you covered.

Here are a few types of social media content that you can use to spice up your social media presence and scale your brand:

1. Industry-related content

Consumers want to see that your brand has value to offer outside of the specific products and services you can provide.

Try posting attention-grabbing photos with statistics related to your industry or linking industry-related articles to your posts.

While not directly related to your specific products, this information is relevant and useful to your audience. This type of content shows customers that if they continue to follow your brand on social media, they will stay on the cutting edge of new trends in your industry.

Is there a new trend emerging within your field?

Are there up-and-coming startups and CEOs to look out for in the upcoming years?

Did a new product just revolutionize your industry?

Share this information with your audience!

2. Employee spotlights

Consumers like to see the heart behind their favorite brands. They want to know that businesses have a human side, too.

81% of consumers want to buy from brands they trust, and 64% of consumers want their brands to connect with them.

A great way to foster this connection and give consumers insight into your company’s values is to provide posts highlighting your employees.

Try making a post each month featuring the employee-of-the-month and a few ways that specific team member is making a difference for your business and your community.

You could also include a behind-the-scenes video of employees doing community service, having fun pitching ideas for products, or spending time together around your building.

This shows your consumers that your brand values its employees, creates a positive work environment, recognizes quality work, and only hires the best of the best.

3. Live streams

63% of Millennials watch live streaming content on a regular basis. If your brand isn’t streaming live on Facebook or Instagram from time to time, you could be missing out on a major source of audience engagement.

You can live stream an event so that interested individuals can participate even if they can’t be physically present. Plan a live Q & A session so that your audience can ask questions in real-time. You can also invite an industry expert to be a guest speaker or interviewee. However you choose to use live streaming, it can be beneficial for your brand.

Here are a few tips for successful live streaming:

  • Triple check your connectivity
  • Engage with your audience during the stream
  • Offer relevant and useful content
  • Provide a call-to-action

If you haven’t already incorporated this type of content into your social media marketing strategy, you should consider doing so sooner rather than later.

4. User feedback

Using social media to garner user feedback has a few key benefits:

  • Boosting engagement
  • Providing useful feedback for your brand
  • Showing your audience you value their thoughts

Try engaging with your audience by making social media posts and videos that ask for their feedback.

For instance, on an Instagram or Facebook post, you can ask your followers to post below with their favorite product to order from your brand.

If your brand sells clothes, you can ask them to post their favorite fall or winter clothing items.

Not only will this lead to more comments on your posts, but it will also give you ideas about which products will perform well with your audience.

You could also try using Instagram stories to make polls or ask questions.

For example, if you are trying to decide between offering a particular product in burgundy or teal, you could post a picture of both options on your Instagram stories with an Instagram sticker allowing your audience to vote “Burgundy” or “Teal.”

Posting content for user feedback is a great way to encourage your users to interact with your brand and to gain feedback without sending out a survey.

5. Repurposed content

If you have well-performing content on different platforms, there is no point in reinventing the wheel. Here are some of the things you can do with your existing content:

  • Turning long-form content like podcasts and webinars into short videos for Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.
  • Creating image quotes to share on Facebook from the key points of a webinar speaker or a blog post.
  • Writing a blog post detailing the most relevant info from a Q & A video or your top podcast episodes.
  • Chopping longer vertical videos into shorter TikTok videos or IG reels.

There are countless ways for you to use your existing content and transform it into shorter content that will perform well on various social media platforms.

Ready to be a social media content rockstar?

Creating content for social media should not just stop with posting. In order to gain an audience and widen your reach, being consistent with your quality and frequency is the key. That’s why it’s important to have a variety of content that can target all your potential audience’s interests and needs.

From doing live streams to repurposing your already existing content, creating social media content can be the key to your success.

If you want to learn more about content creation and all the ways you could optimize it, schedule a chat with us today. 💌

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