5 Different Ways to Use Vertical Videos on Your Marketing Strategy

Anna Oneal
March 28, 2023
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If you aren’t posting vertical videos on your social media pages, you are missing out on better engagement and increased brand awareness.

When it comes to video content, presentation matters. You can maximize your social media strategy by sharing vertical video content.

Most people access social media using a smartphone. Considering 94% of smartphone users hold their phones vertically, it should come as no surprise that users prefer vertical assets for accessibility.

Because of these, creating vertical videos should be a must for your social media strategy.

Although creating vertical video content can be easier said than done, there are many ways you can use this tool to engage with your audience.

Here are five ways to use vertical videos in your social media strategy:

1. Go live

Live stream video content is taking off!

In fact, 80% of consumers prefer watching live videos to reading blogs. The majority of millennials also watch live streaming content regularly.

Setting up a live stream is an effective way to use vertical video content to your advantage.

Try hosting a live Q & A session on Instagram or using Facebook to show a live interview with an industry expert.

Live streaming gives you the chance to connect with your audience in real-time while increasing your organic reach.

When you create your content calendar for the upcoming weeks, carve out some time for your brand to go live.

2. Share a story

Today’s consumers want to do business with brands that they find authentic.  Showcase the heart of your brand and connect with your audience by sharing videos that tell stories.

Maybe you want to tell the story of how you worked hard to develop a brand with the goal of making the world a better place. How about telling the story of how your family-run brand has been passed down for generations? You can also share the stories of your team and how they contribute to your success.

People make emotional connections when they hear stories. Creating story-centered video content can help improve your brand loyalty.

3. Create behind-the-scenes content

Sharing BTS video content is like giving your followers a backstage pass into the daily operations of your business. Providing this type of content will help your audience have a deeper connection with your brand, which will improve engagement and increase brand loyalty.

If you want your followers to get an idea of your company culture, show your followers what a typical day at your company looks like.

Shipping out products? You can build anticipation by showing them being packaged carefully and loaded onto a truck.

Want to showcase your advocacy instead? Post a video of the team volunteering, participating in a charity run, or otherwise making a difference.

If you have a new project you are working on, you can send project updates.

When you use behind-the-scenes video content to connect with your audience, it will help you create a bond with your audience that will eventually translate into more engagement and more sales.

4. Post how-to videos

YouTube and IGTV are great platforms for sharing how-to videos. Posting informative videos about how to use your products or any info related to your industry will help your audience find value in your brand.

Come up with a list of information that your audience would find useful. Tip: check your social media post comments and blog comments for common questions and requests.

Once you have a list of topics, try posting how-to videos on your social media platforms on a regular basis.

5. Share industry-related news

Did something major just happen within your industry? Is there a new product, innovation, service, law, or company that is making waves in your field?

Create a video where your brand can provide information and updates about industry-related news as well as your brand’s thoughts on this news.

By creating this relevant and valuable video content, you will show your audience that your brand cares about more than just pushing its products.

What’s your next step?

Creating these types of video content can be challenging. But with the right resources, you can make high-quality vertical videos in no time.

You can even turn your old landscape videos into vertical ones by repurposing them into different micro assets. Repurposing your old content will help you reach new audiences while saving you more time and resources.

So, are you ready to ace your social media goals? Schedule a chat with us today!

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