How To Easily Turn Blogs Into Viral Videos

Charity Eltringham
January 16, 2024
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While content is king in the fast paced Social Media digital era we find ourselves in, versatility is the key to success. Taking your blogs and turning them into video is a great way to get more reach out of your blogs. As a blogger the idea of video content can seem a bit daunting. Don’t worry, Repurpose House is here to ease the process and help convert your written gems into videos with viral potential! We’ve got a how to guide for you, but first let’s explore why you would want to turn blog posts into video.

Why turn your already successful blog to video?

1. SEO

Videos grab attention more quickly than text alone. And it’s not just the audience! SEO (search engine optimization) favors video content which contributes to higher search rankings. Social Platform algorithms are on board here too. Video receives a bigger push across social platforms. When repurposing a blog to video it’s like sending a beacon out in the SEO and Algorithm ocean and your video will be found! 

2. Accessibility and Social Sharing

Videos offer a multisensory experience by combining visual and auditory elements, catering to a broader audience. Those who prefer learning through audio-visual means find videos more accessible. Additionally, videos are highly shareable on social media, leading to increased exposure and engagement. Your followers are much more likely to hit the share button on an enticing video getting your masterpiece a greater reach.

3. Storytelling

In the digital realm, maintaining a human connection is crucial. Videos provide a powerful platform for storytelling through audio and visuals, making your content more memorable, relatable, and fostering a personal connection with your audience. Studies show that people process video significantly faster and retain information better when it is presented as a video rather than text form alone. Creating a last impression with your content is the ultimate goal and video is the rocket ship that will take you there. 

Now we know why it’s important to turn blog posts into video, let’s explore which to choose.

Blogs Perfect for Video Content

While any compelling blog post can be transformed into a video, consider starting with your most engaging and popular pieces. Identify blog posts with high share numbers, lots of comments, or those conveying a message you want to amplify to your audience and new audiences. How-to guides are a great place to start. Taking your long form blog guide and turning it into a step by step visual will have your audience focused and watching your video start to finish to get the whole process. This is great for engagement numbers! 

Another blog post type that seamlessly transitions from written form to video is product reviews. Seeing a product you’ve tried and written about in your blog actually in action is huge potential for a viral video. Not to mention lots of folks search for product reviews, and as we mentioned before, tend toward video. It’s a win win! You can also use the opportunity for a call to action to take people back to your blog to read more about your experience with the product. 

So, how does all this magic happen? We’ve created some best practices for the blog post to video transformation. 

Tips for Turning Blogs into Videos:

1. Keep it Concise

With short attention spans in mind, condense your blog content into digestible video segments. A visually pleasing video that gets straight to the point performs best. The best performing videos are 59 seconds or less. When you convert blog to video remember to comb through your blog and pull out the highlights. 

2. Optimize for Mobile Viewing

Most people these days are watching content on their mobile devices - usually their smartphones. Cater to the increasing number of users accessing content on smartphones by ensuring your videos are mobile-friendly. Adapt the formatting to suit the platform you're posting on—portrait, square, or landscape. Using the right format in the right place lets the audience know you’re a professional rocking the content game!

3. Always Add a Call-to-Action

Encourage viewer interaction by incorporating a call-to-action at the end of your video. A great way to achieve this for blog content is to guide the audience to your original blog. You can also guide them to any other relevant spot, think landing page on your website, signing up for your blog so they don’t miss future golden content, following your social media pages, etc.

Types of Videos You Can Make

While video content performs exceptionally well overall, certain platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts thrive on video content. Creating videos tailored for these platforms ensures maximum visibility. Crafting Reels for Instagram is another effective way to ensure your blog-turned-video receives the attention it deserves.

Wondering how to make the  turn blog into video magic happen? We’ve gathered some tools for you to take into consideration.

Tools for Turning Blogs into Videos

1. InVideo:

A user-friendly platform with an extensive library of templates and stock footage, InVideo is perfect for creating professional-looking videos.

2. Camtasia:

Ideal for screen recording and video editing, Camtasia is a versatile blog to video AI tool for transforming tutorials and guides into captivating visuals.

Armed with the knowledge of why, which, and how, you're now equipped to embark on the exciting journey of turning your blog posts into visually stunning and engaging videos. Elevate your blogging game, captivate your audience, and watch your content resonate across the digital landscape. The era of multimedia storytelling is here, and you're ready to shine! But….you’ve spent hours writing fantastic blog posts, wondering how you’re going to now find the time to make the videos too before writing your next blog masterpiece? We’ve got you covered! Repurpose House has a team of talented designers (yep! Real live people!) waiting to create incredible videos for you to start your journey toward video blog post stardom! 

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